"Always a Pioneer, Always Ahead"

Teaching factory utem


"Everyone is creative,

but how you utilise it

defines who you are."

Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Mohd Rizal Bin Salleh

General Manager of

Teaching Factory

  • Our Objective

    We are the people in charge to develop students into creative problem solvers who are able to bring solutions in a different perspective. Click here to find out more about us.

  • Activities

    Students here will learn in engaging experiment and development where we create creative ideas to solve problems. Click here to see some of our activities.

  • Send your ideas

    We at UTeM's Teaching Factory are happy to receive ideas for projects to problem solve and give inquiries about us. Click here to contact us.

  • UTeM's Teaching Factory functions as a department where students can discover and solve problems in experimental method in a factory / industrial setting.

    This facility will increase the chance of creating creative thinkers for the current and future engineers and IT professionals. Find out more.


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