Prym Consumer Malaysia SDN BHD

Teaching Factory UTeM is a subsidiary company to a manufacturer namely Prym Consumer Malaysia SDN BHD located at Tanjong Kling Free Trade Zone, Tanjong Kling, Melaka, 76409 Tanjong Kling. Prym Consumer Malaysia SDN BHD has sent more than 40 products to pack in Teaching Factory UTeM since their collaboration in 2020. With this collaboration, the industrial students at Teaching Factory get an opportunity to manage and be directly involved in the packaging line to discover and pack the products according to the industry method.

 Prym Consumer group of companies are world leaders in manufacturing and supply of diverse, quality, and innovative haberdashery products. The Prym Consumer global network offers a one stop solution to your sewing, craft, quilting, knitting and garment household accessories to make creative dreams come true.

Prym Consumer Malaysia SDN BHD is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of hard and soft haberdashery products in Asia and Australia. Established in Melaka for over 44 years, it is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of high-volume sewing notions and specialised garments, knitting and accessories for garment industry and household use, craft, and hobby. Example of its products are safety pins, straight pins, sew-on press fasteners, pearl headed pins, ball pins, Concorde pins, bra back extenders, braided elastics, snap fasteners tape, and knitting accessories. Prym Consumer Malaysia is responsible for sales in Asia and Australia. Today’s success of the company is based on a tradition spanning more than 400 years of supplying high quality, precise and long-lasting functioning sewing and handicraft accessories worldwide.

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