V2 Router Training

(04/07/2022 – 07/07/2022)

Meeting with Intern Intake Students 20212022

(14 /07/2022)

Meeting with PRYM


Dr. Amir’s Induction Session with Intern Students for the July 2022-September 2022 Session


HiILSE DRONE Sdn Bhd visited the TF UTeM


With Interns for July 2022 Session Together with March 2022 Session


Visited TF UTHM


Dr. Haziq Lim’s Assignment Session and Intern Students Presenting Project Progress


Presentation to UTeM Pro Chancellor Tan Sri Halim Saad together with UTeM NC



Basic IOT Class


A Demonstration Session for Utilizing the Dispenser Machine


With LI students Sem 2 20212022


With IOT Expert


Meeting with Terra Drone Technology (M) Sdn Bhd


Discussion with HilLSE Global


NX Design Training

(15/08/2022 – 19/08/2022)

Internship Program Farewell Ceremony


Visited HAAS Solution Sdn Bhd, COE UAS UniMAP


Meeting with HAAS Solutions Sdn Bhd, COE UAS UniMAP