Collaborations: Uniting Innovation and Expertise


At Teaching Factory, we believe that innovation thrives through collaboration. We are proud to partner with two exceptional companies, Prym Consumer Group and HiiLSE Drone, to bring cutting-edge solutions to the forefront. Our collaborative efforts are at the heart of our mission to redefine the future of technology and manufacturing.

MoU/ MoA

Prym Consumer Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Teaching Factory UTeM HiiLSE Drone

Our Collaborative Partners

Prym Consumer Group

Prym Consumer group of companies are world leaders in manufacturing and supply of diverse, quality, and innovative haberdashery products.

The Prym Consumer global network offers a one stop solution to your sewing, craft, quilting, knitting and garment household accessories to make creative dreams come true.

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Focuses on the design, build, and customization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for various applications.

Catering to diverse needs such as Agricultural Survey, Reconnaissance, Animal Tracking, Weather Reconnaissance, Traffic Monitoring, Border Patrol and Police Use, and Pipeline Monitoring. Localized requirements with precision.

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