TF UTeM At a Glance

The Teaching Factory UTeM was established in 2020. Initially, the Teaching Factory concept was outlined in a ‘Nota Kabinet’ dated the 22nd of October, 1999, regarding establishing the ‘IPTA Model 2’. The idea was presented in paperwork and approved at the UTeM Board of Directors meeting on the 18th of December, 2019. According to this ‘Nota Kabinet,’ Malaysian Technical Universities would use the Teaching Factory function to successfully introduce the concept of “problem-centred, action, and experiential learning” to their students. Along with the ‘IPTA Model 2’ identity, the UTeM Academic Development Plan 2018-2025 emphasizes establishing the Teaching Factory in UTeM, as stated in the second ‘Hala Tuju Akademik,’ which is to strengthen the Application and Hands-on Oriented Teaching and Learning Process. To prioritize the Teaching Factory as the main identity for ‘IPTA Model 2’, the Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN) outlined the University Revolution Teaching Factory (URTF) initiatives as one of the main strategies to ensure MTUN’s soaring excellence in the future in its “MTUN Excellence” framework in 2019.