Welcome to the Future: Unveiling TF’s Research & Innovation Hub

Step into TF’s Research & Innovation hub, where we’re all about three key things: education, research, and innovation. From making education better to exploring new ideas and creating cool stuff, join us in shaping the future. See how TF is unlocking possibilities in education, driving exciting research, and coming up with innovative solutions.
Welcome to a world where curiosity turns into cool things, and you get to be a part of it all!



Discover Final Year Projects (FYP) by UTeM students, guided by TF managers.

FYP Title:

  • The Application of Kesidang CNC 3D Router of Wood Industry
  • Time Study Ergonomic of Kesidang Product Development Process


Highlight inclusive student internships at TF—real-world experiences and skill development.

TF Internships:

Monitoring Team, IoT Team, Production Team, Manufacturing Team, Design Team

Short Courses

Overview of TF’s short courses:

Accessible and relevant for all interested in skill development.




TF2.0 – New Approach to Existing TF Concept

TF 2.0 represents an enhanced iteration of the existing teaching factory. While the fundamental TF concept remains unchanged, there have been modifications to its characteristics.

Lead by: Ts. Dr. Hambali bin Boejang

Design – Manufacturing Interface of Kesidang 3D CNC Router Machine

Explore insights into the research and development of the Kesidang 3D CNC Router Machine interface, detailing the design process and the enhancements made to improve manufacturing efficiency.


Kesidang VR Simulation

We’re creating virtual reality simulations for diverse applications, offering immersive experiences.

Big Data

Our Big Data projects use analytics to gain insights for smarter decision-making.

Owl House

Explore the Owl House, an innovation for smart and sustainable living.

Website Development

We’re constantly improving our website for a better user experience.

Drone Training

Stay informed on our drone training initiatives, preparing individuals for the growing field of drone technology.


Discover ongoing initiatives and projects in the pipeline, including advancements for the Kesidang 3D CNC Router Machine.

Technology Playground Project

FTMK and Teaching Factory unite! Explore startups, TiCoE, Manufacturing Center, Design House, and an Incubator all in one collaborative hub.

Application for PRYM

Simplify product tracking with the Prym app. Effortlessly record and manage TF’s product flow for efficient and seamless product management.

Revenue Generation

Space/Equipment Rental

TF provides advanced tools for external use, including audio-visual equipment and collaborative workspaces.


TF offers a consultation services regarding Kesidang CNC 3D Router Machine and Prym Consumer Sdn Bhd.

PRYM Sdn Bhd

PRYM Sdn Bhd collaborates with TF on revenue-generating projects, fostering financial sustainability through strategic initiatives.