Exploring Kesidang Router Machine with TF Interns


Pre-Launch Preparations for Hari Duta TVET at TF


Majlis Duta TVET Launch at Chancellor’s Hall


Vice-Chancellor’s Visit to TF Booth at Hari Duta TVET Rehearsal, Chancellor’s Hall


The CNC Kesidang Router Machine’s Debut Celebration with the Honorable Chief Minister of Melaka at

the Chancellor’s Hall, conjunction with the Hari Duta TVET Launch



Introducing CNC Kesidang Router Machine to Prospective KL Analytical Sdn Bhd Buyers

with Prof Dr. Ir Ts Dr. Ghazali bin Omar, TNCPI UTeM



Preparations for YBM KPT’s Visit to Technology Campus


YB Minister of Higher Education’s Technology Campus Visit



Tour of Azam Wira Company, Suntrack Industrial Hub, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor


Enhancing Merchandise Organization through 5S Material Separation at the Teaching Factory


Dr. Hambali Provides Insight to LI Students of Kesidang Machine


Activities with Internship (LI) Students working on the Kesidang Machine Project


Preparation for the Kesidang Machine Showcase for FTK MTUN Deans